[Foreigner looking for a board]

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  •  germadez #23928

    Hello everyone,

    I’m sorry to make a thread out of this, cause probably is already discussed, but for me it’s still difficult to read the stuff in German (I’m sorry for that, trying to improve :-)). Thing is I’m now living in Hannover and I’m gonna stay here for a looooong time. I brought with me my wheels and my trucks, but I need to buy a board If I wanna skate.

    I checked some prices in one local shop and they are a bit high for my condition, so I was wondering if some of you may know a German website or something like that which sells boards for a more reasonable price (I don’t care about the brand, can be without logo ofc).

    Thank you so much for your help!


     tadiwe #29247

    Hi dude,
    Welcome to the Forum.
    Which prices did you see at your local stores or how high would be ok for your condition?
    The 2 biggest online stores in germany are:

    Hope you will find a deck which is suiteable for you.
    Good luck and have fun

     germadez #29248

    Perfect man! Thank you so much!

    I checked titus.de and that minilogo for 24 euros seems perfect. In the local shop there were only normal decks, full logo and so on, which chost no less than 50 euros.

    You made my day! thanks again!

     tadiwe #29249

    No Problem mate. You’re welcome.
    With things from titus you will not do anything wrong. I order there also a lot and the Stuff I receive was everytime fine.
    Keep in mind that you mabe need a Griptape for the deck, too. Don’t forget ot order it.
    see you…

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